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Siobhan Way Fine Jewellery uses the highest quality of metals and gemstones to ensure a well-designed piece of jewellery that is handcrafted with the utmost integrity.

Our master jewellers, gemstone cutters, gemologists, setters and polishers are some of the most qualified in the industry. The Siobhan Way Fine Jewellery workshop is led by a Paris-trained master jeweller to ensure each Siobhan Way piece is crafted to the highest standard.

Each Siobhan Way piece is handcrafted and delivered to our clients with an Authenticity Certificate.

In regards to damaged jewellery, general wear and tear is taken into account for all items. We cannot take responsibility for any items that have been repaired or dismantled by an un-authorized Siobhan Way representative or items that have not been looked after according to Siobhan Way care instructions and therefore will not be covered by this guarantee.

All damaged jewellery is reviewed at the discretion of Siobhan Way Fine Jewellery.


White diamonds used within the Siobhan Way collections are of a colour F/G and VS (very slight inclusions) or that of a higher grade. Solitaire diamonds over 0.50ct will come with a certification from either GIA or HRD and are chosen for their brilliance and beautiful make.


Coloured stones used within the Siobhan Way collections are hand-sourced and selected by Siobhan herself. As a certified gemologist, Siobhan goes to great lengths wherever possible, to source gemstones that are un-treated and of a perfect cut.

Siobhan Way custom-cut gemstones are cut within our studio or in collaboration with gem cutters located close to some of the best rough stones in the world. Cutters work very closely with Siobhan to ensure the perfect result: a unique, modern and timeless cut.