Parilti Ring – Sapphire & Champagne Diamonds

Handcrafted 18ct pink gold set with a rose cut blue-grey sapphire (22.46ct) and champagne diamonds (0.49ct).

Collection: Pariliti
Width: 28mm

Includes rings, bracelets, pendants/necklaces, earrings and cufflinks.

The width of the ring/bracelet measured vertically from the top of the piece, in millimetres (mm).

The pendant/necklace, earring and cufflink width is measured in millimetres (mm) and taken from the left to the right across the widest part, inclusive of the stone and/or the gold.


Includes earrings, chains and bracelets.

The length of the earring is measured in millimetres (mm) from the earring post to the bottom of the earring.

The total length of the chain is measured in centimetres (cm).

The length of a bracelet measures the inner circumference in centimetres (cm).

Limited Edition refers to the total number of pieces handcrafted in this design, gold and gemstone combination. Other Limited Editions of the same design may apply using other gold and gemstone combinations.



This image is the exact piece available for purchase. The actual piece may vary slightly in colour from this image due to varying screens on different devices.

This piece has been handcrafted with the utmost care using the finest metals and gemstones.

Item: P032R/BGS

Collection: Pariliti
Width: 28mm
Item: P032R/BGS
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